Useful information

What you can find here

The most important thing visitors enjoy here is peace! Due to the small size of the village there are no nightclubs or crowded beaches. There is one cozy coffee shop at the public beach and one restaurant opposite to it.

What you cannot find here

There is no organized nightlife in Kanica. So, if you are looking for a resort with animation programs, discos, bars and clubs, we are sorry, but this is wrong address.

Another thing you cannot find here is a stone shop.

Where can you buy food?

Every morning, between 7:30 and 9:30, several mobile shops with pastries and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and fresh fish come to Kanica. Unlike large markets, these mobile shops offer local and fresh products.

The nearest shop is in Dvornica (turn right at the chapel).

What you should know about our sea

The Adriatic is a warm sea. In the summer, the sea temperature is between 23 and 27°C. The sea is warmest in August, but it stays warm until late autumn.

Salinity of the Adriatic Sea is about 38 permille, i.e., 38 g of salt per liter of water. Due to such a high salt content (salt content in the Baltic Sea is only 7 – 8 permille), the sea water is very clear. The sea around Kanica is bright turquoise thanks to the limestone subsoil. As there is no industry around the village and the agriculture is limited to growing olives (which do not require fertilization or irrigation), the sea around Kanica is exceptionally clean.

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