What does our place look like


One-storey house with four apartments and a closed car park is situated at the end of the fishing village of Kanica towards “Žalina” pebble beach. There are just olive groves and coast behind our house.

Each apartment comprises two rooms, each with two beds (a total of 4 beds in one apartment) . The front room has a fully equipped kitchen with stove and fridge (kitchens in the top floor apartments are situated the corridor and each room has a separate entrance). There is a bathroom (shower + WC) next to the rear bedroom.

All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, TV, WiFi and outdoor seating (the upper floor apartments have a covered balcony). Of course, there are bedding, towels and kitchen towels.

All guests can also use an outdoor fireplace/grill.


Public beach

The public beach with a small port for small vessels and boats is situated between the coffee house and restaurant above the bay which protrudes deep into the mainland.

The beach is partly sandy, partly paved, with some bushes offering shade.

The beach offers easy access to the water with a relatively long shallow section. This makes the public beach ideal for small children – it is shallow, relatively narrow, and well-arranged.

Adults will appreciate the proximity of the coffee house and restaurant.

“Žalina” pebble beach

Because our house lies at the end of the village, no one has the way to Žalina shorter than us! Žalina beach is full of small round and smooth white pebbles. Around Žalina, there are numerous stone terraces that create stepped separate areas.

Žalina is the ideal choice for those who like privacy (stone terraces provide plenty of space for the whole family but also protect their temporary residents from other visitors).

Žalina also is a great starting point for snorkeling and observing undersea life because the rugged rocks around it provide shelter for many fish, starfish, sea-urchins, and similar sea creatures. You can even see a small octopus if you are lucky. Diving goggles and snorkel are therefore mandatory! You do not need to be afraid, the most dangerous creature is the sea-urchin (so do not step on them or touch them, they have very fine and brittle thorns – the effect can be compared with glass wool); jellyfish or other stinging beasts do not live here.

It is recommended to wear bathing shoes not only because of the sea-urchins (they do not occur at the entrance to the sea), but because our spoiled feet are not always friends with the pebble bed.

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