How to get here

There are numerous routes to Croatia, choosing the right one depends on the current traffic situation. No matter which one you choose, all of them merge to A1 motorway connecting Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

Follow this motorway to Šibenik exit. Once you exit the motorway, there are only 50 kilometers left to go.

After you exit the motorway, follow the coast road D8 through Brodarica, Žaborić, Grebaštica, Primošten, and Rogoznica until you reach Podorljak village where you turn right at the first junction.

Follow the signs for the remaining 5 kilometers (there are only two junctions – turn left on the first one and then turn right at the chapel).

Follow the main road which starts to turn left in the village until you reach the coffee house (on your right). Turn left at the coffee house and then turn right at the next junction.

Your destination will be at the end of the street – the last house on the right. Behind it are just olive groves, white limestone beach, and azure blue sea.

GPS coordinates: 43°29’36.5″N 15°59’54.6″E

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